Bii for Mina magazine: gentleman version / sunshine vers
happy Bii

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ONE happy family~ seems like mental telepathy really works for this bunch!

Surpassed 500 followers!! Thank you guys XD I’ll do my best to post more fun stuff on here ;)

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Mina Magazine November Issue 

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cr. cr. Bii毕书尽官方粉丝后援会


Bii facebook update: #畢書盡# #韓流帶你去旅行# 大家猜到了嗎?第二集的特別來賓就是ZE:A帝國之子裡面的炯植喔!他說他最近都在忙著拍戲,但皮膚非常好,人也很nice,更多內容一定要鎖定韓流帶你去旅行

translation: #BiShujin# #HallyuTakesYouTraveling# Did everyone guess correctly? The special guest for ep 2 is ZE:A’s Hyungsik! He said he’s busy with acting, but his skin is really good and he’s really nice too. For more details, tune in to “Hallyu Takes You Traveling”

2nd ep here:

Caring reminder: I think the PD made the food too delicious-looking. Watch it now and go eat dinner~don’t watch at midnight~hahaha ^__^*

I am Bii, 畢書盡


Bii facebook update: 謝謝今天來台中新光三越看我的家人朋友們,也謝謝Thomas Sabo的邀請,見面會很成功看到大家超開心,還收到Thomas Sabo精心準備的禮物,非常感謝~等一下明道中學見^_^*

translation: Thanks to everyone who came to see me in Taichung today, and thanks to Thomas Sabo’s invitation. The event was successful and I’m happy to see everyone. Also received Thomas Sabo’s gift, very thankful~ See you later at Ming-Dao high school ^_^*

I am Bii, 畢書盡

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cr. 势在毕行社团活动专页


one time i actually thought i had a chance with someone 

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